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Turkey Vulture Supreme cable pull modifer kit

Out Of Stock

Wanna set your bike up with Turkey Vulture Supreme gearing? You need this kit to make that happen.

This little fellow is a machined aluminum cable pull modifier. It lets ya run a 9 speed Shimano Bar End shifter (best friciton shifter out there, and you can Index the rear shifter if ya want) with a SRAM GX 10 speed rear derailleur. Who cares, you say? Well a GX rear derailleur has a clutch in it, and the clutch keeps the chain from bouncing all around and making a racket whilst dinging up your chainstay. Shimano’s 9 speed derailleurs lack that feature. Shimano’s 10 speed derailleurs have that feature, but it’s not as nice as the SRAM clutch, and it’s a pain to use.

Low gears are good. We are obsessed with them. The 9 speed Shimano derailleur and SRAM rear mech are part of our Turkey Vulture Supreme ultra wide range gearing program. Full write up about our thoughts on gearing here, and how best to use this widget for ultra low wide range gearing, here.

This tiny chunk of aluminum is easy to set up, and we’ll include everything you need to get it set up right, plus a little drawing on how to do it.

Full kit includes: Cable pull modifier, the right brass ferrules for the job, Jagwire Pro Cable, good in line barrel adjuster, and plenty of lined and lubed Jagwire housing. Select full length or interrupted cable housing in the drop down, and if your bike is really long, or your bars are really high, select tandem length derailleur cable as well.

Installing this kit does take basic working knowledge of how to set a derailleur up, but it’s not hard to do.

Black housing only.