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Pedro's Vise Whip

Out Of Stock

Look, chain whips are stupid. They slip, they break, they wobble around like a drunk porcupine. One slip and you’re bleeding.

Pedro’s fixed all of that, by reinventing the chainwhip. This is hands down the best tool out there for immobilizing your cassette when you are trying to remove the lock ring.

It’s not a chain whip at all, cause there’s no chain. This thing won’t break. I’ve been using it in the shop for years, no signs of wear. Lock it in place on any of the middle cogs, just like you do with vise grips. That’s it! No slipped chain, no bloody ‘I swear it wasn’t a bar fight, Ma!’ knuckles.

If you ever take cassettes off, buy this tool.

From us, ideally!