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Garbaruk Cassettes


Range and Speed Count/Cog Color/Free Hub Body Type

For a while, there were very limited wide range 11 speed cassette options. Sunrace makes a fine one, and if you are on a budget, that’s a swell direction to go. Garbaruk makes the nicest wide range cassettes out there, and the lightest. These huge cassettes weigh about what a 11-34 XT cassette would weigh. The secret is in the machining. They’re steel , so they’re tough, but the way Garbaruk machines the cassette out of one huge chunk of steel makes them very light and stiff. The biggest cog is Aluminum, and you can get it in a bunch of fun colors. The cassette is about half the weight of a Sunrace cassette. Shifting is on par with SRAM, you won’t notice a difference.

Mark (our wheelbuilder), who is picky about how his bike feels, notices a difference in the weight of the rear wheel when riding this set up vs. a Sunrace set up. It feels more ‘playful’, as it’s easier to get the rear wheel hoisted for log overs and bunny hops and doubles.

Lots of options on these, make sure you order the right one!

All Garbaruk products take about 2-3 weeks to get here. We only have a few in stock, mainly to show people who wander in what they look like. Too many colors, tooth counts and freehub body styles to go deep with them. But, if you get them thru us, you won’t pay the fat shipping charge from Poland.