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Cantilever Brake Straddle Wire


When was the last time you replaced your Canti brake straddle wire? A long time ago, is my guess. Straddle wires should be replaced when you replace your brake cables. They rust, they get stiff, they get kinks. Your brakes will work better, have less squish, and look nicer with a fresh straddle wire. It’s true that you can use a normal mountain brake cable in a pinch, but real-deal straddle wires are more robusto, and they’re easier to unhook from the brake, thanks to the little handle thing on the end of the cable.

These Cantilever straddle wires also work with Paul Racer and Racer M Centerpull Brakes, or any other single barrel straddle wire application. Not for use with Diacompes, or Weinmans, or old Mafac Centerpulls.

Stainless Steel.