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Rivendell Sam Hillborne

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Back when gravel grinding was a thing they only did at rock quarries, Rivendell was making bikes for all roads, not just the paved ones. The Sam Hillborne is the evolution of 24 years of Rivendell's thoughts on road bikes made for every kind of road. Equally happy on smooth tarmac, rough cobbles, pot hole'd dirt roads and most class 4 roads, the Sam is stable, fast, and impossibly comfortable. All whilst being classy, strong and repairable.

The Sam is good for day trips, centuries, commuting, randonneuring, over night camp outs, and club rides. It'll handle 35mm tires with plenty of fender clearance, or 42mm tires with no fenders. Unlike some 'rando' bikes out there, it can handle a front load, or, wait for it, no front load. It can handle a rear load or no rear load. It handles the same, both ways. Put 30 lbs of camping gear on it, and it still feels like a Sam. No diving into turns, no speed wobble on rough surfaces.

At Analog, we typically build these up with wide range Turkey Vulture Supreme gearing, low profile cantilevers, dirt drops and tubeless wheels. We can do traditional Rivendell builds too, but we feel like these bikes can benefit from more versatile wheels and gearing than the outta-the-box stuff.

We recommend at least getting the frame prepped, considering a hand-built wheelset from us, or better yet, a complete pro-build!