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Kona Rove DL & Rove Standard

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Kona makes a few bikes that we just really love. The standard Rove and the Rove DL (formerly known as the ST is for STeel...I guess the DL is for "wow this bike is a great DeaL!"?) are some of them. Both variations are super affordable, they look nice, ride well. Stable on fast descents. Lots of tire size options, 700c x 40 or 650b x 50mm. I’m running mine as a go fast smooth dirt road / pavement bike with 700 x 38mm tires on some Spank Flare rims and damn if it’s not a rocket. I’m not, so it’s gotta be the bike. Some bikes feel stiff and slow, and some feel too springy, like you are dancing on a motel bed during an earthquake. The Roves feels solid but responsive. Power goes where power should. It doesn’t chatter under hard breaking. The wheels track, aided and abetted by 12mm thru axles.

This isn’t a touring bike, but it’s stiff enough for light weekend tours. It’s not a road race bike, it’s more of a get out and explore bike. Candice and I rode 4 hours the other day on big rolling hills, and this was the perfect bike for it. Comfortable from start to finish. I have mine set up as a wide range 1x, with a 38t ring up front and am 11-50 out back. I’d go to a 36 if I rode steeper looser stuff, and 42 if it was ultra flat.

Rove DL 2021

Sizing is a bit weird on these, so email us about sizing and availability. In general, you wanna look at the top tube number, not at ‘size’.

If you are looking for an affordable, fenderable, rackable, steel super-legit-road-and-gravel bike, this is the ticket. The frameset is really a steel steal, and the complete isn’t bad if you are on a budget and live somewhere flat.

The Standard Rove is the same frame set as the DL but with a different paint job, so it's really the component spect hat what differentiates the two. The standard Rove is set up as a 2x9 with Shimano Sora derailleurs and shifters. Pretty much everything spec'd on this bike is just a bit more affordable than the spec on the Rove DL.