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All City Space Horse




**Note Shipping will be a separate charge & we still require a purchase of at least $500 in parts for any frameset sale**

The Space Horse was invented by Sun Ra so he’d have a way to travel to Saturn and back. He wasn’t into all the noise of a rocket. He preferred to make his own noise.

Later, when Sun Ra became a famous gravel ambling instagram star (or planet, as he would like to say), he adapted the Space Horse for more terrestrial concerns. Ra removed the solar sails, the dark matter saxophone portholes, the reverse freefluxjazzifier and he replaced the tinfoil frameset with a steel one.

The Space Horse (terrafirma) was born. Shortly after he finished work on the design, All City bought the design from Sun Ra in exchange for a trumpet with only 2 valves. It seemed like a fair trade.

Here’s the rundown on the Space Horse:

It’s a good bike for pavement, nice dirt roads, easy fire roads, gravel, commuting, light touring and things in that general direction. Tire clearance for 38mm tires and fenders, or 44mm tires sans fenders. We recommend setting it up tubeless, so you can run those tires soft and squishy.

Things we like: 1x or 2x or triple chainrings, you pick. Extended head tube so it’s easy to get the bars high. High trail, so it handles fine with or without a load, front or rear or both. All the right braze ons for road touring: rack mounts and fender mounts and low rider mounts. ED coating on the inside, which basically is a black enamel that keeps the frame from rusting from the inside out. Nice paint on the outside, with a bit of a metallic flake.

All City designs their own drop outs, and they’re nice and stout but relatively elegant.

Tubing is stiff enough for: Anyone under 200lbs and a 30lbs touring load.

Disc brake only. IS mount. You wanna run 160mm rotors front and rear on this Horse.

Standover is decent cause of the sloped top tube. 68mm bottom bracket shell. Standard 100 x 135mm axles and quick releases.

Lowish bottom bracket and high trail and stiff frame make this into a budget friendly Rivendell-esque frameset. At least from a ride perspective. We like Riv’s, so that’s a good thing. Stable, stiff, predictable. That’s what you want in a bike, and that’s what this bike is. All for well under 1000 bucks. A steel steal.

Completes start at 2800 with a basic custom build that isn’t crap like the complete build is that All City offers. Generator lighting adds about 350 bucks for a basic set up.

Email us if ya want to talk about an All City Space Horse!