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VLC Cheers bars



Good drop handlebars are elusive.  There are more now than say, 20 years ago, but maybe only 10 that are really good.  I do love me a contemporary dirt drop, like the Spank Flare bars.  That said, sometimes you want a bit more reach and a bit less flare, and a touch less drop.  I was in that exact position, needing a bit of this, a bit of that, on my Veloci Plan Big.  For long road miles, the big flare was making my shoulders ache a bit.  Wide bars will do that.  The VLC bars have flare, enough to keep your wrists from whacking the ramps.  But it’s way less.  18 degrees.  The shape is what we called compact back in the day, with a sort of long shallow return.  The drop shape lets you really snug your hand up close to the levers when in the drops, handy if you have smaller hands, or not super strong farmer hands.  The tilt of the ramps (if set up right) pairs so well with SRAM brifters that you can barely feel the transition from bar to shifter.  I’d say it’s the best transition area I’ve ever felt.  That means more comfort on longer rides.  The bars made of 6061 double butted aluminum.  They’re strong enough for serious gravel riding or chill atb action, but they are not frisky enough for your enduro drop bar bike.  

There are odd things written on the bar, like #tourdethebar #beermore, etc.  I guess they like bar crawls involving gravel roads.  Why not?  

120mm drop, 70mm reach, which I peg more at 75-80mm, but just know they’re a bit longer reach than the Spank bars, Cowchippers, Ritchey Venture Max.  

31.8 clamp.  Black gloss.