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Velo Orange Curvy Bars

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Velo Orange makes two kinda similar bars the Granola Bar and the Curvy Bar. The Granola Bar is ironically more curvy than the Curvy bar. The Granola Bar is like a 31.8 Nitto Albatross, with a bit less back sweep. Nice silver finish, is sorta reminds me of nice old Suntour Superbee Pro. The black finish is good too, not all pebbly and cheap looking like lots of parts made these days. Smooth finishes cost more and look nicer. Plenty of room for grips and shifters and bells and brake levers. 60 degrees of sweep relegate the Granola Bar to more mellow riding. Not a hardcore offroad bar. Your hands will slide forward. Great for town riding, casual road touring, commuting. Affordable too, never a bad thing in a nice bit of hardware.

The Curvy Bar, aka the Curvy Less bar, looks more like an offroad worthy bar. It’s made for gravel riding and chill off road stuff. Not a mtn bike bar per se. More like a good bar to ride if you don’t need a wide and tough Jones bar and you really like the feel of normal mountain bars but your hands keep going numb. Fine for: light off roadin’, gravel, commuting. Not an ideal touring bar. Not enough backsweep, only one hand position. Same nice silver or black finishes. Really, the finish is great!