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Salsa Cowchipper Bars




The Salsa Cowtippers are the ideal bar for cruising around in a farmer’s field late at night, with a belly full of Diet Cherry Coke and Twisted Tea. When you roll up on a cow, you tip her, usually 20%. The Cowtippers are actually ideal for gravel riding and touring. They’re not technically off-road rated, so if you wanna ride some singletrack, these are not the best choice. The Spank Flare 25 is stronger (and pricier) because it’s beefier and stronger. But if you are gunna stay off the gnar, these bars are, in the parlance of the times, ‘dope’. Or as my friend Ryan would say, ‘dope dope dope dope Dope, siiiiiiiiiiiiiick!’. I don’t know if I quite rate them at 5 dopes, but I’ll give em a solid 2 dopes.

Here’s why: short reach (this is subjective, depending on bar set up, but they’re around 70mm in the reach department), shallow but not crazy shallow at 116mm drop (really short torso’d folks should look elsewhere, like at the Ritchey Venture Max), nice flare (24 degrees), flat returns, plus, they’re really affordable. Don’t spend the extra money for the Gucci version of these bars, all you are paying for is a shiny finish and different aluminum. They’re not stronger or better in any way, so pffffft to those bars. Carbon bars are ridiculous, so ignore those too. If you want a good gravel/road/touring bar with short reach and a moderate drop, this is they.

Get the 46cm if you are over 5’6” and have average width shoulders. If you have narrow shoulders or you’re shorter, or if you're on the lankier end of the spectrum, read this article about bar sizing, then pick your bar size.