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Nitto Rivendell Choco Bar



The Choco Bar is now made available in a sultry satin black ceramic coat to compliment that weird black stem on your old-skool MTB conversion project. Off road safe, heat treated, Rivendell designed, more swept back and extends further back than an Albatross Bar for the ultimate up-right riding position. The Choco Bar takes standard MTB grips, shifters (can be run as bar-ends), and levers (22.2 mm clamp at grips), and has a 25.4 mm bar clamp.

The front portion of the bar can be used as a secondary hand position for cranking up hill, feels better wrapped with cloth tape. We think this is better second hand position than the Albatross Bar (since it's less curvy). If you're swapping from a drop bar set-up to the Choco Bar, you'll probably want a 20 mm longer stem.

If the bar is outta stock, emails us! We can get ya one via special order.