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Handlebar Shims


Color+ Shim From/To + Length

Oh shims. So denigrate. So misunderstood. The woeful life of an underrated bike bit.

Here’s the stem shim low down. They work fine, if you use ‘em right.


Use them with 2 or 4 bolt stems

Use them with steel or aluminum handlebars

Use a shim that is wider than your stem clamp

Do torque your stem bolts properly


Stack shims. IE don’t use a 31.8 to 25.4 shim and then a 25.4 shim to a 22.2 shim on the same stem. That's a recipe for failure.

Use 4 piece shims.

Use a shim with Bosco bars

We stock 31.8 to 25.4 + 26mm silver and black shims from problem solvers and 26mm to 25.4 steel shims from Nitto.

You can ride these off road, if you follow our do’s and don’ts.