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Blue Lug x Nitto Losco bar



I’m gunna come out and say it. This is the best looking swept back bar on the planet. The angles are rad, it looks futuristic in a retro way, or retro in a futuristic way. I think it’s the angles. If Moholy-Nagy rode a bike (who is to say he didn’t?) this would be the bar he would want. I’d say this is the perfect sub 15 mile ride bar. 2 hand positions, 2.5 if you are pushing it. One to get low and outta the wind, or for steep climbs, and one for general riding. Natural wrist angle in the general riding spot. These are Nitto bars, born outta Blue Lug’s desire for a Rivendell Bosco Bar with less stack height. Got that? Made in Japan, like all Nitto stuff is. Heat Treated, so you can ride them hard, on or off road. Not that they’re great off road, but if you find yourself doing some light ATB’ing, you are fine.

Set them up with bar con shifters or mountain trigger / thumbies

Mtn brake levers, normal mtn grips. We like Ergon grips for supreme comfort, cork if you wanna get cool points.