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Fairweather Stem Bag



Let’s say you have a full frame bag, and it’s filled with your Warhammer figurines, no room for hydration needs.  And alas, your fork mounts are taken up with a two liter bottle of Crystal Pepsi, and periscope made out of a milk carton.  Where to put your bottle of Old Granddad (Bonded) and your homemade bitters?

Enter the Fairweather stem bag.  Goes betwixt your handlebar and stem, very stable, very stately.  Big enough to stick a 32oz Nalgene, or a normal water bottle.  Cinch cord on top for rough terrain.  Also fine for snacks, a small camera, or 6 wild apples.  

Made in Japan by Fairweather.  The craftspersonship is of course perfect.