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Blue Lug Bartender Bag



Stem bags like the Blue Lug Stem Pouch are technically for adding places to stash your water bottle when your frame is full up with frame bags.  I say they’re to stash a fat stack of peppermint patties, which kick the crap out of clif bars any day.  

No matter what you put in them, be it a camera, Nalgene, norm-core bike water bottle, can of Heady Topper, the bottle of creme de menthe that you nicked from under your grandma’s sink (nevermind the thick layer of dust or the $3.49 price tag, I’m sure it’s still good), these bags will do the trick.  Need more water?  Add another bag on the other side of the stem.  Stable enough for riding in the gnar gnar.  Shock cord cinch top so your collection of those gold foil wrapped chocolate coins doesn’t fly out.  

Made in Japan with all of the nice stitching and craftspersonship that tends to imply.