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Schmidt Edelux II Headlight


Color/Wire Length/Hub Connection

The Schmidt Edelux II is close to being a perfect generator powered headlight for road or gravel use. It’s the Leica of the lighting world. It’s not the most feathery, feature laden, not the brightest, or the newest, but it’s so good that none of that matters. It’s close to indestructible, from the aluminum housing to the glass lens to the beefy cabling. It has perfect optics for road riding: like the low beam of a car, the Edelux casts light onto the road, not into drivers eyes. The electronics are tried and tested and ultra reliable. It’s made in Germany. It’s almost the brightest headlight available, save 10 lux. The Busch and Muller IQ-X beats it by those ten lux, but that light has flimsy wiring, and it’s almost 2 times bigger. 90 lux is fine, great even, for fast descents down winding roads.

If you are connecting the light to Schmidt hub (and why wouldn’t you?) we recommend paying a bit extra for Schmidt's coaxial connectors which we can solder on for you in line or as a hub adaptor. Both negate the need to yank on the spade bit connectors at the hub, which is classic fail point on Schmidt hub set ups.

We carry this light in polished silver and black, but can special order anodized silver as well as some crazy colors, like light green, dark green, red, blue, orange, light pink. Contact us to put together a rad lighting system!

Co-axial hub connection acts like a quick release for the light/hub interface. Super secure and the wires are soldered to the male end so its extra strong. Smart!